A word from the President

nokia1 235A good idea never loses its value. As football continues to evolve as the most popular sport in the world, we at Kayda are working to raise the standards of the game through the upbringing and development of youths talents.

Our academy is aiming to be one of the most prosperous and productive for youth talents in football in Uganda and east Africa as a whole. Sports help the youth to understand their potential and learn better how they can improve the communities they live in. Being active in sports helps you live a healthier life and how you can avoid injuries.

Moreover, it promotes communication and helps heal the divisions between peoples, communities and entire nations. We intend to give basic and professional upbringing of young stars to compete in this era of modern football. I wish to advise you to prioritize everything that you do especially when it comes to talent say football; you have to be patient, be with good temper, the best of Discipline and team work spirit to succeed.
The other thing you to have in mind is respect for one another for this will take you to great heights. So football is not just entertainment, but a tool for development as well. So please bring your child starting from the age of 5 to our academy for better results. Hope to see you all there.

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