How to Join

Here is how you can join us;

  1. Fill the e- form (You can download it here)
  2. Attach one passport photo of the child to the form
  3. Bring the child to our offices/ field of activity for official registration.
  4. Submit to our office or any of our staff upon payment of the registration fee Ug sh 100,000/=
  5. Pay specified funds for the Programme enrolled in: Weekend program @ Ug sh 50,000/= per month
  6. Obtain the official Kayda sports academy kit@ Ug sh 50,000 (Fifty thousand only).

Fill this e-form below and submit.

Online Registration Form

    Player's Background

  • Family Background

  • Education Background

    Primary Education

  • Secondary Education

  • Institution / University Education

  • By submitting this form with consent from my parent(s) / guardian(s), I vow to abide by the rules and regulations governing KAYDA Sports Academy for the benefit development and promotion of my talent and skills. I will be expelled/ dismissed for misbehaving and indiscipline during on and off pitch.



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